What's Estimate Body Fat?

Estimate Body Fat is a collection of free fitness web applications, tools and articles designed to help you track your fitness to get faster, stronger and healthier.

This website is the work of Bruce Rebello, an Industrial Engineer and an amateur programmer from Toronto, Canada.

Bruce Rebello - founder - Estimate Body Fat

Why was Estimate Body Fat Started?

Estimate Body Fat was started to track my own fitness journey. 2018 wasn’t the greatest year for me, both professionally or personally. And to top it off, I was putting on a lot extra weight and losing the fitness drive I once had.

I knew something had to be done, so I decided to dive into books on obesity and fitness and told myself that this would be the last time I ever let myself go. Of all the research I did, one concept that really stood out was that ‘you are what you measure’.

I realized I would need some kind of fitness tracker but wasn’t interested in paying a company for this. So, I decided to learn programming as a way of building what I needed. I figured if I could build this for myself, it could also benefit others on a similar path. This website will always be a work in progress as I will keep adding new tools and applications to it.

The tools I've created include:

1. A.I. Body Fat Percentage Calculator

2. U.S. Military Body Fat Percentage Calculator

3. Skinfold Caliper Body Fat Percentage Calculator

4. Face Fat Percentage Calculator

I do hope you find Estimate Body Fat useful and if you are looking to collaborate or have a feature request, don’t hesitate to send me an email at contact@estimatebodyfat.com

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