Average Weight Loss on Keto

What is the Average Weight Loss on Keto?

Most experts agree that on average a 1% to 3% loss of body fat per month is achievable and healthy for most people.

From my own personal experience, incorporating a low-carb high-fat diet and healthy lifestyle with daily exercise and periodic fasts can result in incredible fat loss and increased energy.

I have never felt more energetic and I never felt the need to go back to my old ways of eating. Here are my results:

Starting Weight = 182 lbs - 33% bf Start Date - January 2nd

Weight after 3 months - 160 lbs - 20.9% bf End Date - April 30th

Average of 1.375 lbs/week

This is on the higher end of fat loss, and I was surprised with the results myself.

Here’s how I think I achieved it:

1. Fasting 2-3 times a month.
2. Giving up alcohol for 3 months.
3. Sticking to high-fat low-carb meals
4. Eating twice a day only (afternoons and evenings - thus intermittent fasting on most days)
5. Drinking lots of water. Took a water bottle with me everywhere I went.
6. Having Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Psyllium Husk everyday for better digestion,
additional fibre and improved bowel movements.
7. Daily Meditation.

Oh yeah, and I stopped working out completely for that time period. I did this specifically to test Dr. Jason Fung’s theory that considerable fat loss can be achieved by focusing simply on controlling your insulin spikes (i.e. diet).


I’ve personally tried every diet under the sun, probably like most of you reading this. All diets work in the short-term, but the only diet that did not make me feel sick and hungry ALL the time was Keto (low-carb highfat).

With the other diets, I always felt defeated when I failed to stay with the diet after the set date. I blamed this failure on my pathetic willpower.

Keto Food Pyramid

On keto, I’ve never felt this way. It was like taking the game from extremely difficult - OMG! I’m gonna die - to Oh wow! is this what a calorie deficit should feel like? I never felt hungry and I never felt the need to cheat as I always reached satiety.

A body running on fat is more efficient than a body running on glucose because there are ample fat reserves in the body compared to glucose. Keto has become a lifestyle that I don't see myself giving up.

By following a low-carb high-fat diet to lower insulin, your body switches energy sources, and instead of using the calories from food, it starts to burn the fat reserves in your body. As a result, the BMR is not lowered and stays just as high as it was when you first start losing fat.

This is only possible on keto as it is the only diet that solves the problem of excessive insulin. If I chose to simply lower my calories, my BMR would lower as well. Instead, by fixing my insulin response to food, I can switch energy sources in my body.

Give up alcohol

Eliminating alcohol for 3 months improved my skin and gave me mental clarity that I hadn't experienced in quite a while. It wasn’t like I was going out drinking every night before I quit, but it was surprising how many activities I participated in with friends as a young adult that revolved around consuming alcohol.

I highly recommend taking a complete break from alcohol once a year to reset. I think I started Meditating and Fasting around the same time and highly recommend it even if you are not serious about fat loss.

If you are looking for ideas for your next project, need to study for an important exam, or are in a highly competitive career, incorporating meditation and fasting into your routine will do wonders for your creativity, clarity, and progress. If you think you are too busy to meditate, then you need meditation the most.

The three months of keto and mental focus have definitely changed my life for the better. I do have a few drinks and will have the occasional slice of pizza, but I don't see myself ever going back to the way I lived before this transformation.

Our body fat calculator is a great way of keeping yourself accountable during your fat loss journey. Checking your body fat percentage every couple of months is a great way of keeping score.

For additional reading, check out our article on the factors that influence your body weight.

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