Body Goal Project - Free Weekly Email Reminder

No matter what's your body goal (stronger, faster, higher endurance, etc.), at the end of the day, to achieve long-term progress, you have to stay ACCOUNTABLE to YOURSELF.


This can be hard. Like REALLY REALLY hard.

We tend to start our journey with so much enthusiasm only for it to fall apart after a couple of months.

I know that feeling. This has happened to me MANY times. But it got me thinking.

As time went on and life got in the way (which it ALWAYS will), I had no one to remind me of the initial plan I set for myself.

Maybe THIS was the problem.

To solve it, I figured I could create a simple reminder to never take my eyes off target. Nothing fancy; just a weekly email reminding me why I began this journey.

I figured if this could work for ME, it could work for ANYONE. Plus, with low overhead, I could give it away for FREE.

That's how ‘Body Goal Project’ got started.

The Body Goal Project is a weekly email that contains:

1.) A reminder of your Body Goal;

2.) The reason you've wanted to achieve that goal; and

3.) A motivational quote from someone famous to keep you from giving up on that goal.

Here’s what it will look like:

Body Goal Project - Free Weekly Goal Reminder

The Body Goal Project will always be FREE and you can unsubscribe anytime you want. There's nothing to lose in signing up.

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