4 Key Weight Loss Resources

4 Key Weight Loss Resources

1. The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss - Dr. Jason Fung

It should be no surprise that The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung is the first resource I’m going to mention. I always believed it was my lack of discipline in the gym that caused my weight gain. Dr. Jason Fung helped disprove this myth. He unravelled years of indoctrination by food manufacturers and the fitness industry.

In his book, Dr. Fung elaborates in detail why obesity is a hormonal disease, and most importantly, how you can finally break the vicious fat gaining cycle and achieve long lasting fat loss.

If you are overweight, save yourself years of trial and error and unnecessary sorrow. Pick up a copy of this life-changing book today. I can say with certainty it has changed my life for the better.

2. Audible For Those That Hate Reading

If you have a hard time reading, audiobooks can be a great substitute. If you walk, bike, work out, clean around the house, or commute to work, just plug in your ear phones and get the knowledge you seek. If you wanted to read The Obesity Code but dread the idea of reading it, now you can just listen to it.

I might add that if you are going for this offer, get an audiobook on mediation as well.

Meditation has greatly improved my happiness and outlook on life, and I am positive it will do the same for you. Audible is owned by Amazon, so you know you will be receiving quality content without any compromise.

3. High Quality Instant Bone Broth

I have elaborated on the importance of bone broth in one of the sections above and discussed its wonderful healing and detoxing properties. You can find easy recipes for homemade bone broths if you have the time and are willing to put in the work to make it in your kitchen.

For those of you who are lazy but still want the benefits of drinking bone broth (like me), there are wonderful products available in the market that have done all the hard work of the brewing process for you.

You only need to add hot water to the dehydrated powder and enjoy the benefits of collagen and gelatin proteins in your diet. I personally use the product mentioned above and enjoy it immensely. Plus, it saves me a whole bunch of time which is something I value more than anything in the world.

4. Digital Kitchen Scale

If you fall in the 30 plus body fat percentage range, small changes to your diet and lifestyle will produce the fat loss you seek. However, as you get closer to your ideal body fat percentage, things do get a lot tougher.

This is when it's best to have additional tools at your disposal. The type of food you consume is still very important to your overall fat loss; however, at the end of the day, if you seek a lower body fat percentage, you have to do the extra work by keeping account of everything you eat (i.e., tracking your macros). This is when having a digital kitchen scale is key.

5. Slow Cooker - Crockpot

When you choose the right foods to eat, you will lose fat. Cooking your own meals is a cost-effective way to do this. One of my secret weapons for this is the Slow Cooker (Crockpot). I usually put all the ingredients in it before I leave for work and come back home to a delicious meal ready and waiting for me.

It is easy to learn, simple to clean, and you can make enough food to last you a week without much effort. Slow cooking your meals adds another layer of deliciousness that pan fried or over cooked meals just cannot. If you love roasts and stews like I do, you can’t go wrong with a slow cooker at home. The best thing about the crock pot is the number of recipes you can find online.

6. Exercise Mat

Meditation combined with morning stretches have now become part of my daily routine. Not only does having my own exercise mat at home provide convenience, but on the days I’m too lazy to go to the gym, there is no excuse not to do a few stretches.

Not only will this keep you limber, but it will also reduce the probability of slips and falls and injuries when you work out. I highly recommend getting an exercise mat for yourself. AmazonBasics has a very affordable ½ inch extra thick mat.

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