How to resist the temptation of junk food!

How do I resist the temptation of junk food?

Give up junk food

Just like alcoholism and drug addiction have roots in the genetics and upbringing of an individual, the root cause of obesity lies in hormones.

We tend to blame an individual for being overweight or obese, but we know that its the hormones that call the shots. Unless the hormonal issue is solved there can never be a breakthrough in overall fat reduction sustained over the long term.

Fixing your insulin response to food helps switch your body's energy source from food to fat reserves, and when sustained over the long term, this can produce amazing results.

Simply restricting your calories without fixing your insulin response to food leads to a lower BMR and increased fat gain over the long haul. The calorie theory of what goes in and what comes out just does not work to help address the hormonal cause of obesity.

When you body switches its energy source from food to fat reserves, which diets like keto help to do, your cravings for junk food gradually disappear. If you simply attempt to use willpower to stop, you are fighting a losing battle.

You will succumb to the temptation at some point in time when things are not going your way, just like a smoker tells themselves that they need to have a smoke during a period of stress.

The reality is that the additional smoke only adds to the stress just like the junk food adds to obesity, which adds to the feeling of being sick, leading to increased cravings for junk food. It is a vicious circle that must be attacked at its very roots.

You will only be able to solve your weight problems when you choose a lifestyle that fixes your hormones, just as you can only truly quit smoking when you realize that cigarettes do not relieve stress or boredom, nor do they help you to concentrate or relax.

To find out your body fat percentage, check out our body fat percentage calculator. It's free and very simple to use.

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